Qliro, Patrik Illerstig, CEO

, 4 November, 2015


Qiro was an early adopter of Aptic Credit, and have cooperated closely in development of the product. We are a demanding customer, but Aptic have shown a good willingness to develop and adapt their products to meet our needs.


“Aptic’s systems are important to our business, and it is very important to us that Aptic have highly skilled staff who are not afraid to take on our challenges.”

About Qliro
The company was launched in 2014 and today offers payment solutions to some of the largest players in e-commerce in the Nordic Region, including CDON.com, Nelly.com, Lekmer.se, Members.com and Tretti.se. We at Qliro make it possible for customers to trade securely and easily online, and to be successful in this we have brought together some of the best people in Sweden in technology, data analysis, the worldwide web, risk, payment solutions, finance and customer service.