Aptic Software

When Aptic was started in the early 2000s, by some of the most experienced developers of business systems for credit management in Sweden, it was for a reason. They shared a vision of creating the business systems of the future, entirely free of old code and long-established models. Better software that focused on the customer and the customer’s needs. That is why we are here.

The vision thus became reality: a flexible business system that can be scaled up and down, integrated, combined, adapted and expanded, to meet your own particular needs and requirements. That is why Aptic Software today is a leading supplier of RMS solutions in Europe. We have customers in both the private and public sectors. They may be debt collection companies, financial companies with factoring operations, invoice and accounts receivable service companies, or else companies and authorities that manage their own receivables. A feature common to these customers is that they demand a high level of efficiency and flexibility in their systems.



The Aptic business system is the obvious choice for many large businesses in Northern Europe. The system is now live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Latvia, and will soon also be so in Lithuania. Several other European countries are on the way.



With our business system, it is possible to create individual price models that can be uniquely designed for each client. You decide for yourself what form the price model is to take, and you can base yourself on many different variables, for example fixed charges, transactions, commission, fees.



Aptic ARC uses action flows that can be easily adapted to the business or to client requirements. Work flows, business processes, printing, payments, information gathering and much else can be completely automated.