Let us take over the hosting of your Aptic ARC. We are experts in our own system and offer the simplest, most skilled and most secure solution for your Aptic ARC. Our hosting solution is a service aimed at those who wish to concentrate on their core business, while resting assured that the system is working the way it should.


The system is maintained by us, the people who built it, we know best how software and hardware are to be configured so that the system will work as well as possible. Operating systems and databases are always updated to the latest, ARC-verified versions to ensure optimum security and performance.


We can provide faster and more effective support on a system that is on Aptic Hosting than when the system is located on the customer’s premises’, where the hardware may, for example, be shared with other systems/functionalities we are not familiar with and that we need to take account of, and/or where we do not have authorisation for access to servers to check status/logs, etc.


You have an opportunity to let the system grow with your business — you do not need to make investments in hardware and software that is also to be adequate to meet anticipated future needs. You pay for what the system needs today and can scale up or down as your system needs change.