Aptic ARC is a comprehensive and flexible business system for accounts receivable services, invoice purchasing, debt collection and account and credit management. ARC is equally useful if you want to handle your own receivables or if you are acting as an agent for external clients. Aptic ARC is the platform for the modular solutions Edge, Finance, Credit and Collect — modules that naturally can be used just as well standalone or combined and adapted to meet your requirements and needs. Supplement it with our range of products in Aptic AddOn and optimise the system, for example through smart integration with your credit information provider.

“We regard Aptic as a business partner, rather than having a conventional purchaser-supplier relationship.”

Alexander D’Afflitto, COO of Kredithanterarna


Aptic ARC is designed to handle large volumes of invoices and cases where the processes can be tailored to the needs of the business, almost without restriction. Action flows, parameter settings and service definitions provide great opportunities for automation and can be designed so that they are unique to each client. The system is equally useful for an agent handling receivables for clients as for a company’s own receivables.


With Aptic ARC you get a business system where you can combine automatic procedures and manual actions to the extent and at the level your own particular business needs. Rationalise administration where it provides the greatest benefit, while freeing up resources for personal contact where your customer appreciates it most.


If you operate in several countries, with companies you want to handle separately but report collectively, you can work with several different agents in the system. Each agent is set up according to its own circumstances, but book-keeping, statistics and reports can be merged, for example at Group or regional level. Aptic ARC can handle multiple currencies, and exchange rates are automatically updated on a daily basis.


The smart functions of Aptic ARC for pricing, work flows and integration provide you with support in making your offering to customers as unique and customised as you want. You have unlimited options to create efficient work flows in which you can combine letters, actions, events and integrations.