Aptic Credit is a modern system solution for invoice management, both for yourself and on behalf of clients. Aptic Credit can handle customer accounts, accounts for deposits and loans, revolving credit and loans with and without security. Notifications can be made through several different channels. Aptic Credit handles autogiro, e-invoicing and collective invoices. In addition, Credit can be linked to the POS system in the physical checkout.

“We are a demanding customer, but Aptic have shown that they are always willing to develop and adapt their products to meet our needs. That’s a major factor in their success.”

Patrik Illerstig, CEO of Qliro


Aptic Credit can be run independently or combined with our other modules, integrated with existing systems or linked to the checkout. It does not just provide the direct saving in the form of eliminated charges payable to third parties, it also offers greater potential for increased sales in the longer term.


Your customer, your profit. Aptic Credit enables you to deal with account management, credit and loans on behalf of your clients or on your own behalf. This means that you can get rid of intermediaries between your business and the customer through a smart and efficient alternative where you keep the profit.


Full control and improved profitability. Regardless whether your handle your own receivables or those of others, you get an intuitive and efficient solution for your business that gives you full control across the whole chain, from credit, loans and invoicing to full payment.


Flexible definition and notice and reminder routines, reports, etc. The notice can be issued for example by letter, e-mail and SMS text message. There is naturally a link to autogiro and e-invoicing, and you can create collective invoices. The customers and clients can administer their accounts through a web interface that can be adapted to each client’s graphic identity.