With Aptic Edge you get a modern accounts receivable system that can handle large volumes of invoices and transactions — your own or those of your customers — and where you can tailor processes and degree of automation down to the smallest detail. Aptic Edge is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility to offer solutions that make your customers feel unique.

“Aptic has been a major factor in our success and the rapid expansion we have experienced. We are delighted.”

Alexander D’Afflitto, COO of Kredithanterarna


In Edge, each client’s accounts receivable system contains detailed information about customers, items, bank accounts and own charts of accounts. The system is also able to handle payment flows and payment matching on your behalf. Integration with your customers’ systems enables you to create automated updates of customer and item registers, importing of new invoices and exporting of accounting entries.


With Aptic Edge, you can adapt invoicing and work flows in the accounts receivable ledger to the customer’s specific wishes and pricing to your specific business criteria.


With the contract invoicing function, you can let Edge deal with regular and recurrent billing, for example for rent or subscriptions. You decide intervals, and the items and amounts to be invoiced.


You can further optimise the services you offer with advanced action flows. Data is collected from your credit information provider with built-in integration solutions. As a result, you get automated credit assessments and automatic updates of addresses and telephone numbers for SMS text reminders.