“In five years Aptic will be a strong actor, not just in Sweden but internationally, a well-known player on the world stage.”

SOMETHING THAT DRIVES ME is getting to work with these renowned and capable people, it’s stimulating. I have 20 years of experience of Swedish and international corporate law and have served on the Board of Aptic since 2008. As a qualified lawyer on the Board I contribute legal advice, ensuring that all the formalities are dealt with in a legally correct manner on the Board and in the company.

THERE IS GREAT PERSISTENCE in this company, among staff, management, the Board and the shareholders. We have been on a long journey in refining the products that have now made a breakthrough and are enabling the company to expand and gain new market shares daily. We have an unbeatable system from invoice to payment, making it easier for companies to earn money. There is great potential here.


Sune Nilsson

Chairman of the Board

Svante Andersson

Board Member

Claes Hemberg

Board Member

Erik Spandow

Board Member

Désirée Lerider

Board Member