“Aptic has a business solution based on thorough knowledge and understanding of its customers’ business.”

I HAVE BEEN IN THE IT INDUSTRY FOR 35 YEARS, 17 years in various executive roles at IBM, and then as the Swedish CEO for large companies such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Fujitsu. So I have a suitable and solid background. I have always focused on software, service and developing companies, so I feel completely at home with Aptic, which is an exciting company with enormous potential.

I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT NICHE IT SOLUTIONS and strong customer focus. The Aptic platform is highly effective, providing great benefit for the customer while also being flexible like a pack of Lego. You can build the spaceship, following the instructions, but you can just as well combine the pieces to make something of your own. Software with a very modern architecture and a real business solution – at exactly the right time!


Sune Nilsson

Chairman of the Board

Svante Andersson

Board Member

Claes Hemberg

Board Member

Erik Spandow

Board Member

Désirée Lerider

Board Member