“There is a window of opportunity right now, where Aptic can make a serious move into Europe and the rest of the world. We must seize that opportunity.”

I HAVE WORKED FOR 40 YEARS in the IT industry, both here in the Nordic Region and in other parts of Europe, including many years as the CEO of SIGMA, so I’m quite familiar with this. Today I work solely in various Board roles, sharing my experience. I hope I manage to contribute familiarity with building companies and creating growth, but also providing general support to the senior management.

THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT. E-commerce is expanding rapidly around the world, and as the market becomes global there is a need for global solutions to ensure that the flow of payments can be managed securely. As far as I can see, we have unique products that have little in the way of competition, so there is huge potential to expand to the rest of the world


Sune Nilsson

Chairman of the Board

Svante Andersson

Board Member

Claes Hemberg

Board Member

Erik Spandow

Board Member

Désirée Lerider

Board Member