When Qliro Group (former CDON Group), the leading e-commerce group in the nordic region, built their own payment service, Qliro Payment Solution, they chose business system provider Aptic as the development partner.

– We are proud to take part in developing Qliros new payment solution. This places great demands on us as a supplier, says Aptic CEO Susanne Bruce

– Qliro is an inspiring customer with a huge expertise in e-commerce and payment solutions, says Aptic CEO Susanne Bruce and continues: We see strong growth in e-commerce and financial solutions, both in Sweden and in Europe, which is why we have developed our system module Credit which offers a comprehensive solution for payment services for online retailers, finance and retail banking.

Our RMS system, Aptic ARC, covers every link in the chain from invoice to payment. The modules for accounts receivable services, account management, factoring and invoice may be used on a standalone basis, or combined, adapted to each company. Qliro Payment Solution uses the modules Aptic ARC Edge and the newly developed Aptic ARC Credit. Aptic ARC Edge is the module for accounts receivable and is designed to handle large volumes of invoices. Together with Aptic ARC Credit it offers complete solutions based on standard components for outsourcing or internal proprietary systems.

– The advantage of Aptic’s business system is that you can develop and deploy your ecommerce system, and your own payment solution, without building it from scratch. You retain your customer relationships throughout the commercial transaction and get better track on your customer data, explains Susanne Bruce.

– It is gratifying that one of the Nordic e-commerce biggest players sees the strength and flexibility of our product. Throughout the implementation, we have been able to prove our system’s suitability to handle large volumes with fast response times, high performance and zero downtime, concludes Aptic chief developer Fredrik Ekengren.

CDON Group AB is a Swedish holding company, established in 2007 when a number of e-commerce stores were purchased. CDON Group include the following stores: CDON.com, fashion retailer Nelly.com, sports/health stores Gymgrossisten.com, Fitnesstukku.fi and Bodystore.com, toy store Lekmer.se, Members.com, furniture and home furnishing store Rum21.se and appliance store Tretti.se. The Group has a turnover of approximately SEK 3.4 billion (2011).

CDON Group’s business concept is to offer the best range of products via the internet, both their own and external brands within the segments where they operate, to capitalise on the ongoing rapid shift towards e-commerce and through the CDON Group platform and infrastructure continue to build fast and profitable growth.