About Aptic
Aptic is a one of Europe’s leading companies within credit services and covers the complete value chain, from payment by invoice and financing to debt and monitoring. The solutions of Aptic can be implemented one by one or all together.

The goal is to improve our customer’s cash flow and long-term profitability by using system solutions which streamlines the management of accounts receivable. Aptic provides optional solutions to all kinds of customers.

The new directive from European Commission concerning GDPR is a substantial change and will impact every kind of business, suppliers as well as customers that holds or uses European personal data.

Changes in laws and regulation in the field of personal data is of great importance for Aptic’s business idea and operation, today and onwards.

Aptic customers
We are experiencing a great interest and demand for information and support about the new regulation. Our customers need to understand the impact and opportunities regarding to their own processes and system. From the legal perspective is control of consent and data – and the administrative procedures around it – of high importance. This has a perfect connection to the technical solutions and services ICONFORM provides.


ICONFIRM is a company dedicated to data privacy and providing services tailored to the new EU GDPR requirements. The company provide efficient and effective management of consents such as obtain, register, revoke. Furthermore, ICONFIRM supports an efficient workflow involving sub-suppliers and other data processors, providing the opportunity to assure that data is not processed prior to consent being given as well as managing notifications and reporting.

ICONFORM has a unique offer on the market with great market potential, which is directly connected to Aptic’s product and our customer’s business. The ongoing changes on the market makes a cooperation even more interesting and an establishment is underway. The cooperation means possibilities to increase added value to Aptic’s customers and great potential for continued success on the market.

For more information please contact:

Knut Eirik Storsul, CEO Aptic
+47 911 70 456

Christian Butenschøn, CEO ICONFIRM
+47 41040123