We at Aptic strengthens our focus on the Nordic regions as part of our vision to become the leading system supplier of credit management solutions in Europe. In December this year we will open an office in Oslo in order to increase our presence to new and existing customers in Norway. Aptic already has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, in addition to the main office in Skövde, Sweden. We have been on the Norwegian market and had customer relationships in Norway for 10 years, but we will now work to make ourselves more visible in this market and strengthen our profile.

“There is great potential in the positive market situation in Norway right now, and many people I talk to are looking for alternative system platforms for credit. They are looking for a more proactive supplier with a modern platform for everything from invoicing to collection management,” says Knut -Eirik Storsul, the CEO of Aptic AB who also lives in Oslo, “and here I mean that we at Aptic with our system platform Aptic ARC is the best answer to the question for many organisations.”

Our new office will be located in Oslo city centre, a five minute walk from Oslo Central Station, at the address Haakon VII Gate.