The credit management company Axactor has invested in a new business system from Aptic to handle the upcoming regulatory changes regarding GDPR.

The credit management company Axactor has a stated goal to be at the forefront of IT. This gives Axactor operational advantages and lower operating costs. When Aptic launched its new platform ARC 7.0 that fully supports GDPR, Axactor rapidly determined to join the launch.

“Our business is based on state-of-the-art technology and modern processes for more efficient management. It was, of course, obviously for us to implement Aptic’s new solution, “says Fredrik Kessler, Sweden manager of Axactor.

The new ARC 7.0 platform is rebuilt from the core, and Aptic has added 9000 hours of mastering last year to rebuilding the platform to support GDPR.

“When it became apparent that GDPR would be the biggest regulatory change in Europe for a long time, we decided to build full support for the regulation in the next release of the ARC platform,” says Fredrik Ekengren, chief architect of Aptic.

Axactor is one of the first customers upgrading to the new system.

“We are now well prepared for upcoming regulatory changes and feel confident that our business system is now based on a future-assured platform, so we can continue to offer quality,” concludes Fredrik Kessler.

For more information contact

Fredrik Kessler, Sweden Manager Axactor,, 070-828 24 45
Fredrik Ekengren, Chief Architect Aptic,, 0707-35 48 80