“I can’t help but feel proud when I see an open-plan office with Aptic ARC on all the computer screens when I’m out on a customer visit.”

My task is to coordinate development at a conceptual level, to preserve the homogeneity of the product and business benefit for our customers. I started programming debt collection systems back in 1988, and Aptic ARC is the fourth generation of business systems I have helped create. We have invested getting on for sixty man-years in developing the system, and it shows. We have a great product!

We make constant efforts to maintain the same innovative and fleet-footed culture, even when we are growing. We have always been an environment where people have been allowed to take the time they need to put extra effort into smart solutions. We have encouraged creativity and curiosity, so that we have been able to deliver quality solutions. We are now working hard to retain the same high aspirations.

Telephone +46 (0)707-35 48 80
E-mail fredrik.ekengren@aptic.se


Knut Eirik Storsul

CEO - +47 911 70456

Mari Bødal

Country Manager Norway - +47 959 88544

Finn Larsen Dahl

Chief Commercial Officer - +47 477 58 881

Rick Terra

Country manager NL - +31 (0)6 2502 1000

Sara Gustavsson

CPO - +46 705 863 662

Patrik Steen

Director Sales and Marketing- +46 733 98 40 47

Fredrik Ekengren

Chief Technical Officer - +46 707 35 48 80

Rune Steinberg

Director of development - +47 99 16 37 57