“We have created a product that’s in line with what will be required in the future. It’s incredibly exciting and enjoyable.”

I work very close to our existing clients who uses our system in their daily operation in my role as Key Account Director. It’s my task to create and maintain a good relationship with them which comes from a close dialogue and an open collaboration. I want every customer to feel satisfied with our product, the support we offer and that we can develop our businesses together.

I think we have a really good climate of cooperation at Aptic. There is a strong sense of belonging that pervades the whole company, with the result that different teams and departments work together well. We are a local company with a fine sense of camaraderie and an unfettered atmosphere when we are discussing something. Everyone has to be involved in influencing what happens, and new staff should fit into our gang. Sharp elbows don’t work here.

Telephone +46 700 – 92 96 12
E-mail daniel.andren@aptic.se


Knut Eirik Storsul

CEO - +47 911 70456

Mari Bødal

Country Manager Norway - +47 959 88544

Finn Larsen Dahl

Chief Commercial Officer - +47 477 58 881

Rick Terra

Country manager NL - +31 (0)6 2502 1000

Sara Gustavsson

CPO - +46 705 863 662

Patrik Steen

Director Sales and Marketing- +46 733 98 40 47

Fredrik Ekengren

Chief Technical Officer - +46 707 35 48 80

Rune Steinberg

Director of development - +47 99 16 37 57