Our Customer Portal is Aptic Customer Center’s web interface to our customers. It is a tool where our customers can get an overview of their support and order tasks and get access to information about version upgrades and more. We work constantly to improve our processes, and this week we have launched new functionality in Customer Portal!

Just as before, you can follow your support and order tasks and the work done on them, and download version documentation and updates. The biggest change is that you now easily can register new support requests and orders directly via the Customer Portal. You can also attach files to tasks and communicate with our Customer Center via the interface. We have also improved the search functionality with more search options.

Login Information

If you already have an account for our Customer Portal, you can log in with your user login details as usual. If you want a manual, or if you are a new user and need login details, please contact your administrator of Aptic’s products in your organization.

And please let us know how we are doing and if there is anything we can do better!