Head office Stockholm

Address for visitors
Klarabergsviadukten 63
111 64 Stockholm

Postal address
Box 190
101 23 Stockholm

When visiting
When you visit us at our Stockholm office, use the entrance for visitors to companies at United Spaces. Check in as a guest to your contact at the reception. You will then receive a pass to 2nd floor lounge. We will meet up with you there!

Skövde office

Prinsgatan 1
541 31 Skövde

How to find us
Skövde can be reached by train from Stockholm in two hours and from Gothenburg in one hour. Our office is located in the centre of Skövde, about 100 metres from the train station.

Oslo office

Address for visitors
Øvre Vollgate 9
0158 Oslo

Postal address
Aptic Norway AS
Postboks 1331 Vika
0112 Oslo

Trollhättan office

Olof Palmes gata 11 A
46130 Trollhättan

Århus Office

Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 6.
8000 Århus C