Aptic Services

The service part of Aptic’s complete offering provides you with specialist expertise in customer service, debt restructuring, sector training courses and print services. Our staff are experts in the credit management industry and in Aptic software. Aptic Service is a cost-effective solution that frees up costly resources in your company and enables you to focus on your core business. Obviously you can use our services equally well without being a software customer.

We wish to be a close partner for you. As a customer, you are always welcome to take part and listen to the calls our desk workers take on behalf of your customers. We wish to show, by being transparent, that we have high aspirations, and our objective is to surpass your expectations. Our staff are our most important asset, and we work hard to make sure they are the best in the industry.


We make our living by looking after relations with our customers and our customers’ customers. It is impossible to do this without a high level of service. We aim higher at all times.


The expertise of our staff is our principal asset. We therefore endeavour at all times to give our employees further training and coaching.


We adapt our offering to your needs. You only pay for the work that is actually carried out, and only when the need arises.


Campaign management, for example by letter, e-mail, SMS text message or telephone. Debt restructuring, follow-up of suspended repayment plans, campaigns to raise existing repayment plans and actions suspending the statutory time limit. Campaigns with motivating offers and follow-up of cases submitted to the Swedish Enforcement Authority.