SG Finans, Norway’s leading financing company, launched a complete digital factoring service for small and medium-sized companies. The solution means that there is no need for personal contacts in the process, leading to a quick, simple and cost-effective process for the customers. The solution was co-developed with Aptic.

SG Finans wanted to establish a new trend in the otherwise traditional financial industry and, through new perspectives, succeeded in creating an innovative factoring solution that is completely digital. Unlike other established players in the industry, SG Finance turns to the SME segment, offering simple and standardized solutions. Through the digitization of the process, no sales or other people are required for system management. During the development, SG Finans started from a consumer perspective to create simple solutions. SG Finance is the first company to have a completely digital marketplace for its products.

“We see that there is a great need for this type of product and that there is a completely new market with great potential in this segment. We go a little counterclockwise about how other companies in the industry do”, says Kjell Vegard, director of SG Factoring.

“It is important not to complicate the wording of what the offer is. It should be easy to become and be a customer, ”continues Kjell Vegard.

SG Finance works as a small Fintech company with distributive solutions such as self-service for the creditor and clarity in price instead of complicated calculations.

“The collaboration with Aptic has grown, and they have been professional in the project, allowing us to quickly reach the market with smart solutions. They have delivered with competence throughout the process, ”concludes Kjell Vegard.


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