Aptic AddOn consists of a range of accessory products designed to enhance the benefit of the system further and adapt it to your business. Our AddOn products provide interfaces you can use to facilitate and streamline communication with your customers, intuitive functions and integrated services offered by third parties, such as the Swedish Enforcement Authority and credit information companies.

You decide

With our AddOn products, you can automate your administration as much as you wish, by letting Aptic ARC use your events, transactions or information in work flows, letter and checks. Our AddOn product range includes, for example, accessory products to benefit from the whole of the Swedish Enforcement Authority’s electronic communication, for automatic letter mailing, e-invoicing, SMS/UMS messages, integrated services with banks and credit information providers.


With Aptic Client web you can give your clients a simple and convenient way of following the status and actions in their accounts receivable and bad debt collection portfolio, downloading reports and answering and asking questions relating to the administration of cases. You decide to what information you wish to give your clients access.

Aptic Debtor Web is open 24 hours a day and gives debtors access to information about their debt, and enables them to leave messages and, if you or your client wish, to subscribe to a repayment plan.

Aptic AddOn Legal E-services are designed for those who wish to use the Swedish Enforcement Authority’s full range of electronic communication. You can free up resources by automating the whole collection process and streamlining the selection of suitable cases to pass to the Swedish Enforcement Authority through integration with its REX register.


Tailor invoicing and accounts receivable procedures

Designed to handle really large volumes of invoices and transactions.


A factoring ledger that is always up-to-date

Automated invoice purchasing or manual decision, with Finance there is no need to choose.



Full control and improved profitability

Account management, credit and loans, in a system built to suit your business, not the other way around.


Rationalise your debt collection administration

Free up resources so that you can deal directly with the person behind the case.


Aptic ARC — the driving force in our business system

A complete solution for the whole credit management process, or just the part you need: account management and management of credit, accounts receivable, invoice purchasing and factoring, debt collection. With ARC you get a solution adapted to your unique needs.