Aptic Collect is the latest generation debt collection system, developed to provide maximum flexibility in designing collection procedures. Collect handles the entire payment reminder process, from default on payment to late proof of claim, as well as any legal proceedings that may arise. The system is built to cope with complex regulations and large volumes of cases. We have automated time-consuming automated procedures, freeing up resources. Your staff have time for personal communication with debtors, which may be crucial to securing payment.

“We used to have our own software, but thanks to Aptic we can focus on our core business and avoid having to deal with many tough regulatory updates.”

Bo Widenor, Head of Debt Collection at Wasa Kredit


In the basic set-up, action flows and letter templates are prepared for the fundamental processes in handling reminders. These flows exist for the initial collection process, judicial proceedings at the Swedish Enforcement Authority or in court and subsequent enforcement. The module also includes set-ups for handling debt restructuring, estates of deceased persons and bankruptcy, as well as late proof of claim.

Aptic Collect streamlines your collection procedures through integration with credit information providers, allowing more precise measures suited to the debtor’s ability to pay. Use the Swedish Enforcement Authority’s offering for file communication, and save time and postage costs by making automated applications.

With Aptic Collect, you can reach voluntary payment arrangements by using the system’s advanced function for establishing repayment plans. The payment plan becomes more sustainable, as it can be adapted to the individual’s ability to pay and tailored on the basis of a number of parameters.

Discover the grain of gold in your late proof of claim portfolio by using the flow of information from your credit information provider and extracts from the Swedish Enforcement Authority’s REX debtor register. You choose what events are to be monitored as indicators of improved ability to pay.

Aptic AddOn – optimise your system further

With our accessory products, you adapt the system even more to your business and at the same time enhance benefit. This may mean facilitating communication with your customers, system integration of services offered by third parties and other smart functions.

Aptic ARC — the driving force in our business system

A complete solution for the whole credit management process, or just the part you need: account management and management of credit, accounts receivable, invoice purchasing and factoring, debt collection. With ARC you get a solution adapted to your unique needs.

A factoring ledger that is always up-to-date

Automated invoice purchasing or manual decision, with Finance there is no need to choose.



Tailor invoicing and accounts receivable procedures

Designed to handle really large volumes of invoices and transactions.



Full control and improved profitability

Account management, credit and loans, in a system built to suit your business, not the other way around.