Aptic Finance is the flexible system solution for anyone who factors and purchases their customers’ invoices, where the various services can be combined for a single customer. Aptic Finance makes it possible to adapt credit limits and loan-to-value ratios at many different levels, right down to the individual invoice. You choose the degree and extent to which you wish to automate the purchasing and factoring processes, and you choose which invoices, clients or final customers you wish to handle manually.

”Aptic has been a major factor in our success and the rapid expansion we have experienced. We are delighted.”

Alexander D’Afflitto, COO of Kredithanterarna


The system architecture works well with centralised operation, where the actual users are spread among many different local offices. Aptic ARC has a strong encryption solution so that online access is possible without any risk of unauthorised persons gaining access to sensitive information.

Optimise the processes in Aptic Finance further through advanced action flows for the control of credit terms, recourse and purchasing charges. You can streamline credit assessment, risk management and monitoring of the basis for borrowing through built-in integration with your credit information provider.

The factoring ledger is updated in real time, so that you always have up-to-date information. The level of borrowing can be adapted to each client in relation to security, credit limits and borrowing thresholds. Reservation for accrued interest and charges is made automatically in calculating the scope for borrowing.

Coding quick and easy. Advanced calculation functions providing detailed information on every purchase, allowing you to give your clients ready-coded transaction notes at the time of purchase. You define for yourself how booking is to be set up so that your customers receive the information they need.

Aptic AddOn – optimise your system further

With our accessory products, you adapt the system even more to your business and at the same time enhance benefit. This may mean facilitating communication with your customers, system integration of services offered by third parties and other smart functions.

Aptic ARC — the driving force in our business system

A complete solution for the whole credit management process, or just the part you need: account management and management of credit, accounts receivable, invoice purchasing and factoring, debt collection. With ARC you get a solution adapted to your unique needs.


Tailor invoicing and accounts receivable procedures

Designed to handle really large volumes of invoices and transactions.



Full control and improved profitability

Account management, credit and loans, in a system built to suit your business, not the other way around.



Rationalise your debt collection administration

Free up resources so that you can deal directly with the person behind the case.