“The product is nothing. What the product can do for the customer is everything.”

Business innovation is about constantly asking ourselves what we can help our customers do in a new and better way. Aptic is a business partner, not just a software supplier, and we therefore need to be a step ahead with our offering at all times. We look carefully at our customers’ reality and then develop our system so that it can help them as much as possible in earning more money. When I see a press release saying that it’s going well for a customer, I celebrate. It means we have succeeded.

We have incredible knowledge in the company, we have a unique business system that gives our customers great value and that we are very quick to implement. We are expanding, and there is great demand both here at home and internationally. I am driven by a desire to bring about lasting change. If you don’t know where you’re heading, it doesn’t matter what you do or how. A large part of my job is always asking “why” and looking for business value.

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Knut Eirik Storsul


Mari Bødal

Country Manager Norway

Finn Larsen Dahl

Chief Commercial Officer

Rick Terra

Country manager NL

Sara Gustavsson

Chief Product Officer

Patrik Steen

Director of Sales and Marketing

Fredrik Ekengren

Chief Technical Officer

Rune Steinberg

Director of development