It’s been two month since I joined Aptic and the role as country manager for Norway. When reflecting on the busy agenda, meeting existing and potential customers, I conclude that even though Aptic is a new name on the Norwegian market we have been incredibly warm welcomed. I’ve noted a strong interest for our plattform and credit solutions – the Norwegian market is calling for alternatives.

Major changes
I’ve been working in the Norwegian debt collection industry for more than 25 years and know it very well. Of course, during these years major changes have taken place like the introduction of collection law, salaried tariffs and the VAT. The industry is constantly adapting to changes and to meet new and adjusted requirements of legislation and regulations, with the European GDPR to be implemented during 2018 as an example.

I was recently attending an event organized by Virke Inkasso and got the opportunity to meet and speak to several different participants in the Norwegian debt collection industry. My conclusion is that Aptic’s ARC platform and Collection module is fully compliant and offers new and innovative features to business needs.

The suppliers side of the Norwegian debt collection market has been dominated by a few players and are, according to me, ready for a new external challenger. Aptic has gained professional experience from debt collection in the Nordic and European market since more than 20 years and provide a leading software platform with some really strong reference cases. The modular plattform and size of the company makes it easy for us to keep up with the development but also be driving new innovative solutions in the fintech arena. Considering this, I would say Aptic is a natural alternative to evaluate for everyone working with business development within debt collection and the transforming credit management area as a whole.

Missing on the market
One of Aptic’s benefits, missing on the Norwegian market today, is the fact that our platform solution supports the whole credit chain, from payment solutions (i.e. sales finance for commerce) through integrated credit accounts (revolving credits, loans) and support for both portfolio purchases and third party debt collection as well as debt surveillance.

With all my knowledge and experience from the debt collection industry – I’m excited to be part of Aptic’s journey on the Norwegian market. I see an enormous potential and a lot of exciting meetings awaits.

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Mari Bødal
Telephone +47 959 88 544